Our Company

Analytical Services, Inc. (ASI) is one of the most recognized environmental laboratories in the southeast to include Region 4 EPA.

Let’s start with a question that should make you suspicious of everybody:

If you’re really getting the same product, why is there such a big difference between ASI and all the others?

Every laboratory in the country advertises the same product: legally defensible data, customer service and “on time” delivery at a fair price. The standards for legal defensibility are exactly the same for all labs because they are mandated by government agencies, but each laboratory establishes their own standard for customer service and meeting deadlines.

As a part of ASI’s customer service, you’ll be assigned your own personal project manager. The project manager’s responsibility is to ensure 100% satisfaction in providing legally defensible data and responsive service, as well as meeting your deadlines. Need faster turn-around time? Spreadsheets? Electronic deliverables? Just call your ASI project manager.

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